Traveling to Greece

We have 7 days to spend in Greece. We would like to fly to
Athens and then do some island hopping as cheaply as possible. Suggestions?

Posted by Paul
Cedar, IA, USA
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Just because of the pace in Greece and the variability of Ferry service, plan on your first and last day in Athens, and a day of travel between islands. With that said, focus on 1 or 2 of the closer islands, as opposed to "hopping". Mykonos or Naxos would be as far as I would go. There are several Saronic gulf islands (Hydra, Paros) that are nice and close. You might also spend some time on the Peloponnese.

Posted by Sally
Hood River, Oregon, USA
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We will be leaving Florence when we go to Greece. Would it be cheaper to take a ferry - and if so from where to where? Or to fly - ? Thanks! Sally

Posted by carl
dallas, tx, usa
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If you plan to fly, check (a wholesaaler). I flew with them from Milan to Athens and back for $99 each way on Axon Airlines.

Posted by Paul
Cedar, IA, USA
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If cheap fares can be found, flying is best, otherwise figure traveling all day from Florence to Bari for a late afternoon Ferry, overnight to Patras, then the morning to Athens. For less money, and flying, you could be sipping Ouzo in the Plaka by early evening. I always thought a ferry would be great adventure, and it is, until you are on one. You will get your fill of ferries in the islands, no need for an overnight one.

Posted by Heather
Sacramento, CA
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You might want to check out They are doing very inexpensive 3, 4 and 7 night cruises out of Athens. They arrive in port at around noon and stay until sometime between 4 and 8 am the next morning. Only transporation and accomodation are included--you are free to enjoy the sites, food, beaches and nightlife of the Islands. This is how we are going to visit 9 Islands on our 2 week visting to Greece this summer. :-)

Posted by Joel
Seattle, WA, USA
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re: Paul's comments

You made a good point about ferry "burn-out". I'm going to rethink my Patras-Bari ride now since we'll have spent the previous 4 days island hopping. Thanks!