traveling to and from Cappadocia

I'm having difficulty determing how to get from Cappadocia going west, without flying if possible. I'd like a bus or Dolmus but cannot find one going west toward Ephesus/Selcuk etc. I will be there in late April and want three days in Cappadocia but can't find how to get from there. I had planned to fly to Ankara and bus down to Goreme but may need to go from Izmir first but can I get from small towns west of Izmir going to Goreme. I could fly from Kayseri to Istanbul if I save Cappadocia for last but trying not to fly everywhere I go. None of the major bus lines I looked at seem to go from Goreme toward Izmir. Please help. Beth

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For lots of great information about Turkey, look at Here's his page on getting to Cappadocia: For flights, look at Like Kayak but just for Turkey, this will show all your flight options; you then book directly with the airline. They've disabled the English option on Bulucak, so be sure to use an online translator to make sure you have the correct month. Once you find the airline you want, their website should have English. I didn't get to Cappadocia, so I don't have more specific information.

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Lonely Planet Turkey says there is bus service from Izmir to Goreme (it doesn't say what company) - the trip is 11.5 hours though. If you get in via Konya, it will take 3 hours. The most frequent service appears to be from Ankara - it will take 6.5 hours. All the big cities have bus service to connect you with Goreme somehow - but it will take a lot longer than flying (unless the flights always route you through Istanbul first, which would offset time savings)

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Thanks for checking, Agnes. That's my dilemma-finding the name of a bus company that goes back and forth through the middle of the country. I can't find a flight out of Kayseri that doesn't route me back to Ankara and Istanbul nor one from Izmir to Kayseri. It represents lots of costs and travel time either way to see Cappadocia without renting a car or taking a tour. I may need to skip the lower east side of Turkey all together. Beth

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I didn't get to read through all the comments, so forgive me if I'm feeding you bad info. I did a trip to Turkey two years ago. I began in Istanbul, then flew to Kayseri to take a shuttle to Cappadocia, and then another flight from Kayseri to Izmir and shuttled to Selcuk (saw Ephesus and Pamukkale). The flights within Turkey are relatively inexpensive so long as you buy in advance and keep track of the fluctuation in prices. The flights are also really short. The longest flight was Istanbul to Kayseri and that was only an hour or so. I suggest you look into flying.

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Thanks, Grabriel. I did decide it was what I had to do so booked it today, pretty much as you described it.

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I hope you make it to Cappadocia, stayed at the Kelebek Hotel they arranged everything! You must take a hot air balloon and hike through the area and visit the underground city.