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Travel to Turkey, October 2013

How save is it to travel to Turkey at this time? We are projected to go on a tour of destinations in Turkey for the month of October, 2013. Will the unrest in Egypt influence the stability of Turkey? What are feelings at this time in Turkey towards Americans? Nina

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Americans are welcome in Turkey. You can keep up on U.S. State Department Travel Warnings HERE.

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Nina.. you should only put your email address in a PM, not out here on the may start to get a ton of spam, so just delete that post. I have been to Turkey and love it and I am thinking of going again this Sept.
I know a young Turkish woman who lives there and was following her facebook posts for a while about the demonstrations, but things seem to have calmed down immensely.

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Thank you, Terry, for your input. I removed my e-mail address. I am glad all has calmed down in Turkey. My tour group Grand Circle Tour is very reputable, and they have assured me that they are on top of the matter. My concern centers on the fact that Turkey had very good relations with Morsi of Egypt. But now, with Morsi's ouster, I wonder what the effect will be with Turkey. Cheers, Nina