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travel to new zealand

i wonder why there is no information on travel to new zealand. we plan to go there next year and looking for tips and suggestions.

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For travel to New Zealand, you may want to have a look at the Lonely Planet website. Their Guidebooks are great, although they tend to be aimed at the younger "Backpacker" travellers. They also have a comprehensive Message Board called The Thorn Tree. If you have any questions, you'll probably be able to get the answers there.

Good luck and happy travels!

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New Zealand is my favorite! please email me personally. i will try to be of assistance. spent 30 days there my first time and 2 weeks the second time. both times on the South Island.



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Buy the Lonely Planet guidebook for NZ. That's where you'll get the most concise information.

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Just spent three months touring New Zealand last January-April, 2009. While the exchange rate is much more expensive than when we were there, the country should still feel pretty reasonable. Keep your eyes out for what they call "backpacker" places to stay. They are more than your typical hostel. Often offering private rooms en suite, camping sites, and almost always a kitchen. Other than the few bed and breakfasts, much of the accommodations had kitchens. As for the old style, buy or rent a camper/van and just pull over when you want to stop. Most of that has been legislated out of reality. We found New Zealand to be the equivalent to 1962 in the US. That is not an insult, think of the best of 1962 and there you are. Hard to identify a favorite place, it is all so beautiful. But Golden bay, north shore of North Island was pretty spectacular.

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I spent several months traveling extensively through both the North & South Islands, as well as Stewart Island. Although the North is lovely, if I had to recommend a shorter trip to a friend who perhaps had only a few weeks to visit, I would suggest they focus on traveling the South Island, and time permitting, a night on Stewart Island. I'd also recommend skipping Queenstown completely as it's very touristy and there are opportunities all over the island for adventure/extreme sports (skydiving, bungy, jet boating, etc) that are just as good and much cheaper than the prices you're quoted in Queenstown.

If you'd like recommendations or have any specific questions on either island, feel free to send me a private message here.

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Hi, we are leaving for NZ Feb. 4th. Have many people to visit but would not like to spend the whole 3 weeks visiting. Would like to go north from Auckland up to Coromandel. Any suggestions on must see spots?

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Why would Rick Steve's site for Europe have info on NZ? No sure I follow the logic here...

But anyway, FYI Coromandel is not north of Auckland, its more south then east. And don't go there if you dislike long windy roads. The scenery is great, but not for those who get car sick hahaha.
North of Auckland you must visit the Bay of islands (Paihia/Russell). Very nice holiday spot.
You can even go right to the top tip of the Island and Cape Reinga.


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And why would a 3 year old duplicate posting show up?

Oh, well.