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Travel Home From End of Tour in Dubrovnik

We are taking the RS Best of the Adriatic tour in June. We are flying to Europe for 10 days prior to the tour and we will be using FF miles (which means no open jaw option). We were planning to fly in and out of VCE so that we could spend time in Lake Como and Verona. We could also fly in and out of Paris or Rome and plan a different itinerary. The tour ends on a Saturday and we will fly home Sunday. Just wondering if anyone has any better suggestions for travel from Dubrovnik to Venice? Thank you.

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we will be using FF miles (which means no open jaw option). Are you sure there is no open jaw option for your airline's FF program? Sometimes you can't book them online (you have to talk to a person). Every time I've used FF miles to Europe, I've flown open jaw (but my miles are on United). When I flew out of Dubrovnik 4 years ago, I had a really difficult time finding flight options. There weren't that many choices and some of the cities were not served daily. I ended up staying an extra day so that I could take a flight via Vienna rather than have to take a flight home with multiple connections. You might have more choices in June, but offseason the pickings are slim. There aren't a lot of flight choices out of Dubrovnik and I'd start by confirming that you can actually get a flight from Dubrovnik to Venice. If that doesn't work and you want to see some of the various airlines that fly out of Dubrovnik, the airport wiki entry can be handy for getting started. Here is the one for Dubrovnik Dubrovnik Airport. Scroll down near the bottom and you can see airlines and cities served. I'd start by figuring out which cities you can get a cheap flight to.

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Whether you can do open jaw on miles depends on the airline. United seems to be the most reasonable about the use of their FF, so if that's whose you have, definitely call and check. Look at Croatia Air for flights out of Dubrovnik. Also try Split as a departure point. We are doing a trip to Berlin and Croatia. I had a heck of a time finding reasonably priced fares going from Berlin on the days we wanted, but was finally successful.