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Transportation to Poland

What carrier have you traveled with to get to Poland and were you satisfied with the carrier? We would be traveling from the East coast. Has anyone tried the national airline for any portion of the trip, and, if so, how was it? We were also wondering about the national train service. Have any of you taken the train between Warsaw and Krakow? Are the trains clean and well run?
Do you have to change trains anywhere? Also how much is a side excursion to see Auschwitz? How long is the excursion and is it worth the trip?
Lynda from Jacksonville, FL

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Polish trains are fine. Some are very slow but most do well. Learn the words for your number of tix, the class you want and for any special requests or needs. Google has a translator program that can help. Be aware that some words are not pronounced as they appear bcuz the letter has a diff sound- like "L" with a line thru it that takes sound "W"

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We flew LOT from London to Krakow a few years ago. They were fine. I would fly them again. We took a day trip from Krakow to Warsaw on the train. The trains were fine. We didn't have to change trains, but that could very well change, so check the schedule at the station. I do remember that we had a little bit of confusion as to which track we needed for the train to Warsaw (I forget the exact issue by now). But a kindly local overheard us and made sure we were on the right track.

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The cleanliness of Polish trains varies. The cars that run between Warsaw and Krakow are usually well maintained and clean. Farther east, particularly on the lines running from the eastern borders, I rode on some trains that had seen MUCH better days. Despite the varying standards of neatness, the trains run pretty effeciently, if not as fast as in the west.

The bus ride to Auschwitz takes about 90 to 120 minutes. Sorry, I don't recall the fare.

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We have flown LOT, Polish national carrier, several
times. They are fine, no problems. I believe you will have to enter Poland through Warsaw then on to Krakow or other Polish destination from there.