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Transportation advice in Budapest

We've decided to try out some of the famous baths in Budapest but we also plan to go around to some of the Christmas markets.

How easy is it to use the public transportation? We've been told to make sure we have a valid ticket while using the transportation but does any one have advice on what else will make life easier? The better we understand how it works -- the better it will make it to explore. Thanks!

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Sharon - it's not just that you have to have a valid ticket, you must validate it before using it the first time. Ticket inspectors are everywhere. I would highly suggest a three day card - that way, you just show it and go. We only used the metro this past spring, but it is easy to use - just get a map.

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Trams and metro are remarkably easy to use and very efficient. So long as you know where to stop you are fine. The routes are well-marked

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We used a map showing tram routes and metro lines which made it really easy to "ride" to the sights. Budapest is a large city, so take advantage of the transit system. Again, I recommend a travel pass. (see previous post on this topic).

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The public transportation is pretty easy in Budapest. If you can read a map you'll be fine. Make sure you have a map of buses as well as the underground. The buses can be really, really helpful up some of Budapest's big hills. One other bit of advice-don't get in a cab unless someone has called it for you. I haven't been to Budapest for a few years, but recall that there were a lot of problems with roving cabs not being reputable (a friend of mine was accosted by a cab driver who demanded more money).

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its very easy. 3 metro lines. several buses and trams. youi can buy aweekly pass, or daily pass which needs no validation just hop on and off. prices are very cheap.

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I've been living in Budapest for the past 5 months, and it is fantastic city. The trams, subways, and the buses are very easy to use....ticket booths are available at all the major stations. Look for the sign that says "jegy" which means ticket. When you are on a bus or tram, there is a litle orange box located usually by the door. Put your ticket in and it will be stamped with a code for that ride. However, remember that you need a new ticket for each ride. If you're caught without a valid ticket, it is fine of 5000 huf which is about $25.00. If you choose to use a taxi, use City Taxi, and have your hotel call a cab for you. If you just hop in a cab that's parked on the street, it will cost you twice as much. The only other advice that I can offer is to try and learn a few Hungarian words, and enjoy your trip!

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Dear Sharon: Just returned from Budapest and we found the transportation easy to use - just be sure to validate your ticket properly - we were checked twice over a couple of days on the tram and metro.
We enjoyed the schezyni baths in city park - take a towel, swimsuit, flip-flops, and plastic bag to keep your towel in near the pools. We loved the great market hall - just starting to see some christmas booths last week. Compare prices and bargain in the market!

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Hi Sharon,
Just got back from Budapest last Monday, November 12th.
We only took the subway during our stay and it was great. We bought tickets in our hotel, first we bought a 24 hour ticket, but bought only two one ways the following day. Its better that way than to fall in a very long line to buy tickets at the station.
The escalators move quite fast and as the other posters said, its pretty simple.
Almost everyone spoke English and they were very helpful to tell which way to go. Just make sure you know which station you are going.
Have fun, we sure did!