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transport Greece to Croatia

I am considering a 3 or 4 week trip to Greece and Croatia. I am in the early stages of planning. How difficult is it to travel between the 2 countries. The info I've found so far is several years old.
I am traveling alone, planning to use public transportation. I can start in either country. I am really trying to find out if it's feasible or if I should consider a different itinerary. I do think I definitely want to go to Greece. I am considering traveling October or November. Any dvice is appreciated.

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It took us 2 buses, an airplane and 3 days to get from Dubrovnik to Athens four years ago.

If you're looking for another country to combine with Greece, Turkey is a good choice. It's easy to get to several Turkish cities from the Dodecanese and northern Aegean island chains.

Another option is Italy. You can ferry from the island of Corfu to Brindisi, Italy.

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Lori, I did a Greece, Croatia, Italy trip this summer. I spent 11 days following a version of Ricks route and then flew to Croatia (Dubrovnik) from Athens. It is not widely publicized but there is a flight 2 times per week (Tues/Sunday) from Athens to Dubrovnik on Croatia Airlines. It is the ONLY way to get between the two places conveniently. There are no boats, buses, or direct flights other than this. Most search engines like Expedia don't show this option and only show 20+ hour flights to Germany and then back to Croatia. However, the direct Croatia flight is only 1.5 hours on an Airbus 380 and is very convenient and $300 USD. The flight is 7:00pm so you get to spend the day in Athens and you don't have to waste a day traveling.

The only problem I can see is that Croatia is not a travel destination or traveler freindly in Oct/Nov. Most of the tourist and transportation (boats) in Croatia only operate in the summer season. They have not learned that tourism could be year round if they have reliable transpo in those months. If you can go in early June or Sept you may have better luck with weather.

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Jon, this is good news - I have been trying to figure out how to combine a visit to Crete with a cruise along the Croatian coast - this might be the answer! Thanks!