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We are planning an Istria bike/barge trip in Croatia in early June 2014 which will end in Pula early on a Sunday morning. From there we need to figure the best option that will get us back to Toronto Canada. We think it would be best to travel back on the Monday from an international airport. Looking for your experience/possibly after the same bike/barge trip related to: 1. Which international airport to use
2. How to get from Pula to the international airport/city on Sunday using which mode of transportation

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While this does not address your specific questions the formula may help you do some research. Determine where you want to go. Decide on the city you will be landing at. We usually make our own hotel reservations at that city for several nights. Figure out where you are going to leave from to return home. Reserve a couple nights at a hotel there. Then fill in the in between days as you wish. A calendar and a note pad will be your tools along with a map and a guide book. Internet research has no equal in finding out about cities, hotels, routes, etc. Although not so popular these days, a good travel agent might be some help in finding flights and cities to go to and leave from.

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Pula has an airport, but according to this Wikipedia link, almost all service is seasonal. Of the airlines they list, Lufthansa looks like the best bet for getting back to Toronto with the fewest connections: Otherwise, there's more regular service to Zagreb, from where you'd have to connect again to get to Toronto. To find flights, use You can put in Pula to Toronto and check "include nearby airports" to get more options. If you're not starting in Pula, use the "multi city" option on Kayak to get a flight on one ticket (say, from Toronto to Dubrovnik and then from Pula to Toronto). This will be much cheaper than two one-way tickets.