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Transferring planes in Moscow

I am a US citizen flying from Beijing, China (on AirChina) to Vilnius, Lithuania (on Lithuanian Airlines) through Moscow. I have a 4 hour transfer time period in the Moscow Airport and do not plan on leaving the airport. Do I need a transit visa just to transfer airplanes (and airlines) in Moscow?

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Since you'll be on Russian soil, it's likely you will need a transit visa....after all, that's what a transit visa is for. But best to check with the visa section of the Russian embassy in Washington. See their website at

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I would think you shouldn't need a visa if you are just transferring at the airport and not entering the country. Check with the embassy just to be sure.

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Thanks for your assistance. I called both American Airlines and Delta and both stated that as long as you do not leave the airport transit area and have a connecting flight within 24 hours of landing in Moscow, you do not need a transit visa. I also checked several government sites and they stated the opposite, that you may be asked to produce the transit visa. So to be safe I looked around and found a slightly cheaper itinerary that transfered through Paris.