Train Venice to Lake Bled with grandparents, parents, and kids

We get off a cruise in Venice and want to travel to Lake Bled in June. Done a bit of Europe before, but never Eastern Europe. What is the best way to travel by train to get there. I can't find anything direct and it seems like you have to go through multiple sites to book your trains. I don't mind doing this, but not sure how to do it. My concern is traveling with my mother-in-law that sometimes has a hard time walking distances, but that can depend on the day. One way I read on the helpline involves going Bled > Nova Gorica > Gorizia > Venice, which is the opposite way we are going. Gorizia bus transfer concerns my husband and I with my mother in law. It seems difficult and all of us only speak English. Any advice from experienced travelers in this area?

Posted by Greg
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Hi Jackie! Most Slovenians now consider themselves to be in "Central Europe" now, Eastern Europe is apparently Ukraine and places like that. You needn't worry too much. It's pretty easy. Take the train to Gorizia and then grab a taxi to Nova Gorica station. There is a phone at the station that you can use to call one if there isnt one out front. Otherwise take the no1 bus but you're better off just getting there directly, its only a few euros by taxi. Check the Slovenian timetable at: Put in Nova Gorica and Bled Jezero The train is cheap too (just like most things in Slovenia!)
and its a scenic ride along the Soca River and then under the mountain. Once at Bled Jezero, you're at the west end of the lake and the town is on the east side. See if your hotel can arrange a pick up if you're not keen on walking round the lake (it is a nice walk though) or take the tourist train you will see whizzing by near the rowing centre. Have a great time and let us know if you have any other questions Greg