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Train prague to vienna 8 minute transfer

Hi We are taking the train from Prague to vienna and there is a transfer at breclav with 8 minutes. Is this enough time for us to grab our luggage (1 case each) and get on train? Thanks in advance for your insights!

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Yes. Breclav is a small town; it looks like there are four platforms at the station. It will probably only take 2-3 minutes to change platforms and get on your next train. Eight minutes is usually enough time to change trains even in much larger stations in major cities.

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However, even in Europe, trains are sometimes late. You should check whether your ticket is valid on any or only one train, and know the next few trains at Breclav. You might want to highlight the Train Number on your itinerary to double-check your reading of the departure boards (by destination) when you make the change. I'm not the voice of doom, just suggesting that you be ready.

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One of the tricks we use to know the stop before our final stop and roughly the time between. Lets say you are getting off at D and C is 20 minutes earlier. Then we know that after 10 minutes and we can get organized, grab our bags and head for the door. Generally there will be a number of others, assuming mostly locals, doing the same thing. Then when the train stops we can get off within the first couple of minutes. Especially helpful for tight connections.