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Train help needed in Berlin!

From what I gather, the least expensive way to book train travel between these countries is buying point to point passes, in Europe.
I am a bit of a worry wart and would like to purchase these passes as soon as I get off the plane in Berlin. My questions are as follows:
Can I purchase these point to point passes at the Berlin airport?
If not, where is the closest place to purchase?
Can I purchase the train passes for all points (Berlin />Prague />Vienna>Budapest) in Berlin? Or do I have to book the next leg in the next country?

This is a big concern of mine and I would rather not purchase the tickets online in advance. It seems the best savings would be to purchase them in Europe.

Any help and advice would be very much appreciated!

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I assunme you mean point to point "tickets." Actually, the cheapest fares to get are the ones you find on-line from the national rail websites. Other Helpline members are far more well-versed about your destinations than I, and I hope they will chime in. But, as an example, on the German rail website (, you can get a fare as low as 29 Euro for Berlin-Prague by booking up to 92 days in advance, compared to the regular fare of 61 Euro. Like discount airlines these days, only limited numbers of these tickets are available, and you stand an excellent chance of not finding them available when you land. Of course, there are also more stringent refund and change fees with the discount tickets, but that info is usually well spelled out on the websites.

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You should move this question to the German section where Lee might see it and respond quicker. No one knows German railroads better than Lee.