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Train from Krakow to Eger

I am having a hard time finding an overnight train from Krakow to Eger. Rick Steve indicates we need to get off at Fuzesabony and connect to Eger but the Rail Europe sites don't have any routes. Have any of you done this run?

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You will probably have to wait until you get there to book your train travel. I have had that problem before and always get the information at the RR office when I buy my ticket.
In western Europe you can nearly always get a computer print showing the details of your trip once you buy your ticket. It will show departure times and arrival times and transfer stations and train numbers.

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My wlife and I leave for Prague and Central Europe l week from tomorrow. We had a similiar problem, I ask the hotel in Krakow to get the schedule and tickets, they provided us the following, leave Krakow Glowny at 22:36 to Fuzesbony, arrive 08:07, connection to Eger on the hour. We purchased a first class sleeper for 2 for around $175.00us, hope this helps, Mike