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Tours from Dubrovnik to Mostar or Kotor?

Hello. I will be in Dubrovnik in mid-May. I am considering a day trip to either Mostar or Kotor. I would love to do both but will have to choose only one. I have read opinions on both in other threads on this site. Feel free to add your two cents though! However, my question is can anyone recommend a good day tour agency that would take care of tranportation to either Mostar or Kotor and then be a guide while there??? thanks.

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Christy, my choice would be Mostar in view of it's ancient and recent history; some of the recent continues to this day. If you've not been to the former Yugoslavia before, and are based in Dubrovinik, Mostar will give you a 'dip your toe in the water' feel of what happened not many years past. As a bonus, you'll visit a very beautiful city with a bit of a 'gritty' yet comfortable feel if you venture a few blocks/kms away from both sides the river. Can't help you with a tour agency, my travel there was do-it yourself drive or with 'company' recommended drivers. I expect, though, that your hotel/in-home hosts in Dubrovnik can put you onto a tour/driver/guide who'll take good care of you; give them a call or email and ask.

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thanks to you both for the replies.

isailtheseas -- i tried the link several times and it won't open!!!!