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Tour of Auschwitz

I will be visiting Krakow next year and would like to visit Auschwitz. I have been reading on sites like the trip advisor forum that it is easier to just take the bus there yourself. I was wondering about the tour at Auschwitz do I need to pre-book? or can I wait till I get there, I don't want to be stuck without a tour as I have not read much about the history. I also read there is a film, is that included in the tour or should I arrive early to watch it first?

Also how early do I need to go for the bus? I read that some people have to stand, I defiently don't want to stand in a bus for almost 2 hours! And how often do the buses leave?

Any help would be great!

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If your concerned about standing on the bus, then you can also take a train to Oswiecim station. From the station the entrance to the camp is one mile away. You can walk, take a taxi, or a city bus to the entrance.

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All of this depends on what time of year you plan to visit. Expect the biggest crowds in summer, smallest in winter. I visited in April- I took the bus late in the morning. The bus was full (and most of the Americans seemed to carry a copy of Rick Steve's Eastern Europe), but nobody had to stand.

I did not take a formal tour. You can easily explore the sites, Auschwitz I and II, by yourself. All of the placards have English translations. The visitor center sells very good guidebooks in almost every language on Earth. The film is included with the price of admission. It runs in several languages regularly throughout the day.

In all, budget one full day of your time for Auschwitz.

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It is easy and cheap to take the bus to Auschwitz.
It was full on our trip, but nobody standing. I would watch the film to begin the day. However, we
began with a tour and left it behind after the first stop. Too crowded and we knew as much info as the
guide, but my son and i both have degrees in history.
I would also do it on my own as signs & descriptions are well done.

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I visited Auschwitz last year. Taking a bus is easy and cheap. The bus station is next to the train station, and the buses leave every hour. Just know that the buses to Oswiecim leave from BELOW the main station. We didn't know this and almost missed the bus.

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We spent a weeks in Krakow last Sept and took a bus to Auschwitz. Very inexpensive and the bus dropped us off at the concentration camp. Advice: leave Krakow as early as possible if you also want to visit Birkenau. Covering both camps will consume the better part of a day. The buses to Auschwitz run frequently and if you catch an early bus from the downtown bus station you shouldn't have to stand.

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Take the bus which is next to the train station in Krakow. Definitely, get there early to get a seat. There is a small blue bus but also large tourist type buses. We found both to be the same price. Either case, the fare is cheap and the bus drops you off at the rear entrance to Auschwitz.

Go early because you will want the entire day. We did the tour which you can book there but also spent some time on our own.

Read Eli Wiesel's Night and go to the official Auschwitz website to take the virtual tour. It's under the section Visiting The Memorial / Virtual tour of Auschwitz.

Even if you try to educate yourself as much as possible prior to the visit, it's still tremendously overwhelming. Do not miss this memorial!!

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Thank you for your advice, and thank you for your recommendation on "Night" I will defiently pick that up to read on the plane thanks!