Tour Guide in Turkey and Greece

Hi Everyone, My husband and I will be traveling to Greece and Turkey in March-April, 2013. We bought Rick Steve's book on Istabul written by Lala and Tan but their website is not updated and emailing them has not garnered a response after several attempts at the SRM website. Any suggestions for private tour guides through these countries? Thank you!

Posted by JS
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I do not know a pvt tour guide but if you have interest in a guided group tour for Turkey I highly recom the RS tour. We went this spring Best of Turkey.It was fabulous.

Posted by Mimi
Morrison, CO, USA
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About 5 or 6 years ago we took a cruise that made some stops in Turkey. We hooked up with 6 other people on who had hired a guide for
Ephesus and were looking for 2 more people. It turned out to the be best tour of the whole cruise. His name is Levent Solmaz He has lived in turkey England, went to University of Miami. He's native to Turkey, speaks excellent english, and is smart and fun to be around. I don't remember exactly what the cost was, but hubby and I both thought it was more than reasonable. The website that I have on his card is gone, but I googled him and came up with another one, and the picture on the website is him, so I know that it's not a fake. I wouldn't hesitate to take a tour with him at all. He made Ephesus come alive for us, and i remember that stop on the cruise better than all of the other stops! PM me if I can help any further and have a great trip!