Topaki palace--harem and mehtar janissary military band info

I'm traveling to Turkey the middle of October. One day we will take a tour of the Topaki without the harem exhibit. Is it possible to go back on our free day and see just the harem exhibit without having to pay for the whole Topaki entrance fee? Also, we want to see the Mehtar Janissary Military band perform. I understand it sometimes performs at the Topaki, and the military museum. Does anyone have recent experience as to the schedules at these places. Thank you

Posted by David
Bellevue, WA, USA
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you should call the military museum ahead of time to find out their schedule. i was there a few years ago, didn't call, and it turns out they were performing in china on that day - the trip to the museum is actually pretty far it's well worth the time to have your hotel to call for you.

Posted by Rob
Dunwoody, Georgia
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I do not believe that you can visit just the harem without buying a Topkopi ticket. You will have to provide your harem ticket when you visit that area, but you will need to get into the Topkopi first. The harem is not near the entrance.
Have you investiagted purchasing a harem ticket when you arrive for your tour? You could always stay after and visit. If you are unable to see the harem, you will certainly still enjoy the rest of the museum. My last experience with the military band was in 2009. Back then the band was performing every afternoon. I suspect that is still the case. You might try e-mailing your hotel. They probably can find out the schedule for you. Good luck.