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Tirane or Belgrade?

Thanks to everyone who commented on my kosovo thread. I looked at Pristina on youtube and it looks absolutely hideous, I now consider myself an idiot wanting to go there. We decided to hit Budva in Montenegro from Mostar and are considering speding our last 3-4 days in either Belgrade or Tirane ro fly home. Which city would you reccommend to see for things to do and see. Are eirher cities pretty and have castles or rivers running through them? Thanks!!

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I have only been to Belgrade, and fairly briefly, but I think it's worth visiting. I had heard it wasn't an attractive city, but I didn't find it ugly at all,and some parts were quite beautiful. 3-4 days might be overkill though - I think 2 nights would be sufficient for most people. I only had time to walk around the city center a little bit, but you have the big fortress to tour, as well as Tito's burial, quite a few museums (Tesla museum) - I'm going back this summer to see all of it. Belgrade is a real river city - it's at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers. I stayed at a "hostel" (it has private rooms with en suite bathrooms) that is actually a sort of houseboat in Novi Belgrade, across the river from the center of town. I loved it, and the hosts were fantastic. It's called SanArt Floating Hostel. Don't know your ages but in the summer that whole area - it's a park along the river - becomes a floating party scene, apparently. I really liked the peace of sitting on our deck on the river in the morning eating the fantastic breakfast, with a great view of the fortress. I have a trip report in that section of the forum if you want to know more. Be advised that travel between Montenegro and Belgrade is VERY time consuming (7-8 hours minimum), but the Belgrade-Bar train route is supposed to be amazingly scenic.