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Thought on our planned Trip

My wife and I are seasoned travelers, we would appreciate your thoughts on our trip for April 2008. USA to Istanbul, 4 nights, Sofia 2 nights, Bucharest 3 nights, Brasov,Sibiu, Timisoara, Belgrade, Sarajevo all 2 nights, Mostar and Kotor 1 night and Dubrovnik, thanks for your help and thoughts, Mike

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We have not been that far east yet but have heard that Bucharest is not worth more than a day. We have been intrigued by some trabeler's descriptions and ravings about the Black Sea area abd the mountains in Romania and Bulgaria.

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Out of those cities, we've only been to Istanbul. We felt that 4 nights was about right, maybe 5. Where I have a reservation about your itinerary is the amount of moving around that you'll be doing. That's a lot of checking in and out of hotels, packing/unpacking, and learning a new location. All of that takes up valuable sight-seeing time. Would it be possible to see some of those cities as day-trips from other cities?

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I'd spend a little more time in Sofia, less in Bucharest.

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Hi Mike: I just got back from 6 months in mostly eastern Europe. I went to Istanbul,Sofia,Bucharest,Brasov,Sarajevo,Mostar,Kotor and Dubrovnik. If you need hints email me.Duane.