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Thermal bath in Hungry

Which thermal baths do you recommend to experience between Szechenyi in Budapest or Salt Hill in Eger?

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I haven't been to Eger but I did go to Szechenyi a few weeks ago and I can certainly recommend it. It was a great experience, not at all intimidating as I had sometimes read. The staff was friendly and everyone was having a good time. At the area to pay, the services/price board on the right is in Hungarian, the board on the left is in English. Just take your own towel and bathing suit. Their towels are basically big sheets. I would suggest to take 2 towels actually because as you "pool hop" you will end up using your towel to dry off in between and then it will be wet when you want to really dry yourself properly when you're done. Enjoy!

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Also haven't been to Eger, but Szechenyi baths in Budapest are absolutely fantastic. The building itself is beautiful, and the pools are a very enjoyable experience, even on an October evening :)

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The above is perfectly true about Szechenyi. The bath complex in Egerszalók (next to Eger) is also quite fantastic, although it's a slightly different experience. Several years ago you could bath in the natural bed of the thermal water among huge stones. Later on the bath was renovated and it was bought by a private company and turned into a modern resort with all its advantages and disadv-s. It's nice, clean, modern and still has the original stones but it's not quite what it used to be.