Temp in Greece in Jan

Has anyone been to Greece in January? We're thinking of a trip for early-mid Jan to Athens and a few Islands but can't seem to find the annual temps or info about the weather. Thanks!

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Lisa, January is perhaps not the best time of year to visit the Greek Islands. Many of the businesses shut down in the winter, and transportation options are more "limited". You might find it helpful to have a look at THIS Website. You could send an E-mail to the author of the site, as he'd be able to provide excellent information. Cheers!

Posted by Alan
Brighton, UK
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Lisa We're generally in Greece for the first week in January and the weather is really varied. We've had sunny days when it is possible to sit out at lunchtime but we've also had snow! The major problem you will have if you want to visit the islands is transport. There are far fewer ferries than in high season and the sea can be very rough, with consequent delays. Ken is right that a lot of places are very quiet but, in our experience, unless you are going somewhere really remote at least one hotel and taverna are open. If it was me I would probably concentrate on Athens and one island and fly between the two. The obvious choice for an island is Crete: there are regular flights, it is the furthest south and therefore is likely to have the best weather, and it's big enough to travel around and see different places. If you want somewhere more off the tourist path you might look at Syros. It's the capital of the Cyclades and lively all the year round. Have a great trip wherever you go. We're off ourselves in three weeks and counting the days! Alan

Posted by pat
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Its easy to google for average temps in jan-feb, but to get to the point. Cool. Not beach weather. Its still in the Northern hemmisphere so its still winter, not as bad as winter in Minnesota, but still its winter. Ok for some people, but if your fantasy involves beach days of any sort, other then taking photos, forget it. Average temps in january in Mykonos is highs of 52, lows of 47,, so those being averages means it likely can range from 40-59 aprox.. As noted, windy is most common, fine when its hot in summer, not so nice in winter.. and yes, it does affect the ferries having done a rough october ride once I can tell you its bring out the barf bags if caught on a rough ride for hours.
At least the islands are not particularily wet, but Santorini can get snow up in higher elevations. If its not Greece in paritcular you are interested in, but want some warmer weather then maybe the Canary Islands might be better, I have never been there but there jan-feb averages are lows in mid 50s and highs in low 70s..not hot. but maybe nice? PS if not into heat and beaches then the weather will be ok, as noted, alot of small places have quite a few closures. I know a lady whose family owns a small hotel on Santorini, they close it in winter and go to Athens till like April.

Posted by Lisa
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Thank you all for your great information. Its so nice to get info from real people that have walked the walk! (And danced the dance in Greece :-)) Happy traveling to all!