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Sunset Over Santorini

Have one evening in Santorini. The best bar, outdoor cafe, etc., to watch the sunset on Santorini ?????

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Oia is the most beautiful place on the island to watch the sunset. You can get to the edge of the island there and see the volcano, as well as the reflection of the sun setting on the picturesque white buildings. We were there in March and little was open, so we just climbed to a lookout point. I'm sure at this time of year there will be a nice restaurant of cafe open. But Oia is definitely the place for breathtaking sunsets in Santorini.

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I absolutely concur! There is no equal to Oia - it's breathtaking no matter the time of day. I literally stood admiring the view for an hour without moving. Take some time to wander through the little byways, you won't be disappointed. Small surprises await!

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What is the best way to get around on the island?

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Quads are a good bet. The island isn't that big. Any outdoor cafe on the hill overlooking the sea. Scout them out during the day and make reservations for the evening if you like.