Summer Solstice Celebrations in Riga

Hi All, I am trying to figure out when the big Summer Solstice celebration takes place. My Lonely planet book suggests the 24th of June but Summer Solstice is on the 21st! We want to see the celebration from Riga or Jurmala Latvia. Can someone please let us know where is the best place to take in the celebration and when it will actually take place?
Thank you. Christine and Gerald

Posted by Kay
Beaufort, NC, USA
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Christine and Gerald, You're correct - in the USA we recognize June 21 as the longest day in the year. June 23 is L?go, when the summer solstice is celebrated (the shortest night of the year) by burning bonfires, singing, enjoying beer and cheese. June 24 is J??i, or St John's day, the most popular name day in Latvia. The J??i period is an official public holiday. Source: I don't know if you've visited Riga or any part of Latvia, but I can heartily recommend it! I have visited Riga several times and never run out of things to do and see. Not-to-miss: Latvian Song and Dance Festival June 30 - July 7. Riga also offers a beautiful array of Art Nouveau architecture and public parks. The old city is safe for walking alone at night. Also the Riga Festival - June 1-21. You are welcome to contact me privately.
Kay D.