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Split to Mostar

I am trying to figure out if we can include a daytrip to Mostar on our trip. We are traveling in Eastern Europe and ending in Dubrovnik, Croatia. I would like to do a day trip to Mostar (Split to Mostar), but according to Rick it seems like the only way to get there is by car or bus. I know both cities have airports, but I haven't been able to find any flights between the two cities. Does anyone have any info regarding trains or flights between Split and Mostar? Thanks!!

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I don't think there are any flights between those 2 cities. Also, the train only heads to Ploce from Mostar so that may be out of the question.

Bus and car may be your only options. I believe the bus ride is 4.5 - 5 hours one way - so this may not work out for a day trip.

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I read in the RS Eastern Europe book that is was 3 hours. I have heard both, though. Has anyone actually taken the trip? If so, please let me know how long it took from either Split or Dubrovnik. Thanks! And thank you Arnold! :)

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Hi, Amy,

In March we took the bus from Dubrovnik to Mostar and then from Mostar to Split. We, too, had seen conflicting data about the length of the bus ride, and it would appear the variables in the trip include traffic (lot of narrow, two-lane, twisty roads) and time spent at border control.

The bus ride from Dubrovnik to Mostar took us a little over 3 hours, but weren't traveling during peak season and it may take longer during the summer months.

The bus ride from Mostar to Split ended up taking us SEVEN hours, as for some reason the bus drove to Medjugorje, made everyone get out, and another bus didn't come along for over an hour (it was on a Globtour bus, a popular bus company in the area). Then we were held up at border control, etc., and before we knew it, it was seven hours later.

All in all, going to Mostar is definitely worth the time spent getting there, but you may be best served by planning to overnight there, too. Otherwise, you'll spend most of the day sitting on a bus for who-knows-how-long and not a lot of time visiting the incredible town of Mostar.

Have a great trip - it's a beautiful part of the world!

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We just traveled from Split to Mostar, spent the night, and continued to Dubrovnik. It was about a three hour bus trip for each segment and was very cheap. There are no flights or trains. Approx $20 t0 $25 each segment on the bus. When you load the bus be prepared to pay approx $3 per bag directly to the bus driver in kunas(split to mostar) and euros from Mostar to Split. We didn't have euros and eventually the bus driver gave up and let us load on our bags for free. On the trip from Split to Mostar, we were told to change to a waiting bus. Plan on spending the night in Mostar which is quite magical. There are no evening buses from Mostar to Dubrovnik, but Mostar is beautiful at night. We stayed at Pansion Rose in Mostar and the owner picked us up from the bus stop and then returned us to the bus station the next morning. We really enjoyed Mostar and would highly recommend taking the time to visit.