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Split Croatia apartment accomodations

When something seems too good to be true, it usually is.
Has anyone stayed in accomodations managed by Tomislav Skalic in Split? Specifically in "Diocletian's Apartments"? He seems like such a great guy and he is taking care of alot of questions for us in addition to arranging our accomodations reservation but I'm booking vie Moneygram (as he requires) and I'm a little nervous because the price, the place, etc, all seem too good to be true. He says he's mentioned in Rick Steve's book...but I can't find that info anywhere. THANKS in advance for any input you have!

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Hi Debra, in case that doesn't work out, you will have plenty of choices as Croatia is a huge market for "sobes", or rooms for rent by owner which are all very reasonable in price. I stayed at B&B Villa Kastel Split - I think it was like 70 Euros or so (nothing fancy but clean and prime location right in center of town). You can look at or their website for prices. Also, to throw out another idea, consider staying in Trogir, which is very close to Split and much less expensive. It is a gem.

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Thank you, Agnes, but we are a party of 6 and it is high season so I dred the thought of finding accomodations together upon arrival. I am reasonably confident all will go well, but I always worry because of fraudulant vacation rentals - I was nearly burned for a place in NYC when the alleged owner wanted me to wire $$$. Apparently, however, wiring funds is not uncommon with tourist services in Croatia at one of the highly recommended Rick Steve's tour guides also wants me to wire him funds. Sigh.
Hopefully I am worrying needlessly. If anyone has worked with this gentleman, it would put my mind greatly at ease. If all else fails, yes, we'll find a sobe for six...or split up. Trogir is a great suggestion, too. I've visited it on a cruise and it was remarkable.

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I just returned from Croatia 3 weeks ago. We stayed in Dubrovnik, Korcula, Split, and Plitvice. I made reservations in advance and no one asked for anything up front. Personally, I would not do it. In Dubrovnik at Apartment Lemmur (thru, in Korcula at Maris's Place ( in Split Guesthouse Vrlic (same) and Plitvice at the hotel at the National Park. We paid cash when we left. is the way to go in my opinion. Plus, thru them you can cancel without a problem.

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I sent money ahead on some things. Not on all, and usually to ones in Rick's book. Remember, you are looking for a room, and the room owners are looking for clients. If you agree to come for a night and do not show up, they are out money. Thus, paying up front or giving them a credit card, which is common in the US, seems reasonable to me.

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This caught my attention as I'm scoping out rooms for our 2014 Croatia trip. Tripadvisor shows 10 recent reviews for Diocletians Apartments in Split. None of them mention problems with advance payments, but for me the reviews are 50/50 on this place. Tomislav specifically got a couple good personal reviews so that's good, but seems noise from the adjacent alleys and main square might be an issue for some.

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Sobe BASE is awesome! I got it from a Rick Steve's Croatia book back in 2007. Right in the palace and fantastic accomodations.