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smoking policy for hotels - Prague and Vienna

I have severe allergies. Does anyone know of the smoking policies for hotels in hotels in Czechoslovakia? (Also in Vienna??

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In Czechoslovakia you could smoke almost everywhere with few exceptions. It is different in the Czech Republic now. Hotels have nonsmoking rooms there as they have in Vienna. I am not sure if all of them.

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James - I thought the EU banned indoor smoking? That doesn't mean some places turn an eye from it, but even in Czech there was very limited smoking in pubs and restaurants (some places allowed it but most did not). To be safe in hotels, be sure to request a non-smoking room. And Wendy FYI - there is no Czechoslovakia any more. It is just Czech Republic now and although we now what you mean, locals might take offense.

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Smoking laws are country by country, not EU.

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The hotel we stayed at in Prague had smoking and non-smoking rooms and also had a sitting area near the lobby that was for smoking. Our room was non-smoking and had no odors at all. I HATE the smell and would've noticed. Many of the restaurants in Prague that we ate at, if not most of them, were kind of smoky and definitely not smoke free.