We are going from Krakow Poland to lad Bled. Is it worth spending some time in Slovakia on the way. Any suggestions on how we get from Krakow to Lake Bled

Posted by Ilja
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Are you driving? Slovakia is a mountainous very picturesque country with a lot of beautiful folklore. It is certainly worth to spend some time there. High Tatras, Low Tatras and many other sights. Then through beautiful Austria, cross through the tunnel toward Jesenica and you are there. Lake Bled is nearby. If you intend to use public transport then fly. It is possible to use train and bus but that would require some time and homework.

Posted by James E.
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We enjoyed Slovakia enough after a brief trip in the winter to return again that summer and we will be returning again this coming summer. Good people, good food, mountains, trees, interesting towns, castles and relatively inexpensive (if you stay away from the Kempinski). And we have just scratched the surface so far. Here are some picturs that might inspire you one way or antoher