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Slovenia to ??

We are doing a tour of Albania and Croatia ending in Ljubljana in September and October 2014. We want to add a few days on our own. I found there are no trains from here to the rest of Europe. We can fly so we were thinking Zurich or northern Italy renting a car and driving around the area. My question is Zurich our best choice or should we consider northern Italy? When we travel we like both car and train travel. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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There are trains from Ljubljana to Austria and Hungary. Or if you use bus for a part way you can get to Italy, too. I don't know why Zurich should be your best choice. Actually it's easier to get to Salzburg, Vienna, Munich or Budapest. By car you can go wherever you want being restricted by your time and price of gas. Look at the map will tell you what's doable based on your restriction.

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Hi there!

You don't have to go anywhere, Slovenia is beautiful and has a million and one things to do. Its cheaper and not crowded! Lake Bled\Bohinj, the peaceful Soca Valley, The Karst region, Jeruzalem Wine region, and lots more...

But yes, there are plenty of trains to Austria\Germany\Hungary etc plus connections for Italy as well.


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Thanks for your insights. I am going to investigate staying in Slovenia. Zurich came up because my husband has not traveled in Switzerland. I will look into Austria also.

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Use dates a month or two away from today's date if you want an idea of where the trains go & connect. Train schedules for 2014 are not available online that far in advance. I have taken the train to Ljubljana from Opatija (Croatia) and from Ljubljana to Salzburg.

Places along the line that can be drawn between Munich, Salzburg, Vienna and Budapest would easily work very well for you from Ljubljana by train. I also second the suggestion of spending more time in Slovenia itself.

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We just came back from the area. We rented a car at Europcar (great company!) and got a VW Golf (automatic diesel. We just spended E30 for the whole 3 days that were there. Went to lake Bled (stayed at Josef Mulej family farm which by the way was a wonderful experience-- impeccable clean, friendly atmosphere and the food was delicious). We also did the Julian Alps (via car) but we did not return as suggested by RS via the train, but just drove back the way we came in. Don't miss Vintgar Gorge near Bled.

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As stated, don't be in a hurry to leave Slovenia. Our family of three did the RS Eastern European Tour the beginning of this past summer. That tour ends in Lake Bled and it was beautiful. If I had known how nice it was I would have booked a few more days on our own at the end of the tour to take in more of the surrounding areas. If you are inclined to hire a local guide, we would highly recommend Tina Hiti. She was our guide for the entire 17 day trip and also serves as a local guide of the Lake Bled area. She is an incredible person and excellent guide. We hope to meet her again as we would like to do the Adriatic Tour and see more of Slovenia.