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I will be renting a car in Venice and driving through Slovenia. Are the vignettes easy to purchase near the boarder. Everything I have read said it is a major hassle. Also, my bank advised me not to post on my ATM that I was going to be in Slovenia. They said it was a govt recommendation. Have you had trouble with your ATM being compromised

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We were in Slovenia last summer and used our ATM card without trouble. I didn't hear of any advisory about problems then. Have you thought about renting your car in Slovenia rather than Italy? That might be logistically easier and possibly cheaper.

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maybe you should rent a car when you're in slovenia. there is a ferry from venice to piran. you can take a bus from piran to LJU then rent it's probably easier.

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We bought vignettes in Austria for Slovenia and the laser bought a vignette for Austria while still in Slovenia. We had no problems.

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I have no idea who is reporting that purchasing vignettes is a "major hassle". Au contraire, mon fraire - it is as easy as pie. You merely stop at an early point in each country and buy them. A lot of people speak english now in Europe, and if they don't you point or write. They want to sell you the vignette, since they make money. You want to buy it, since not buying it can result in a big ticket. It's easy, very easy.

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Used my ATM multiple times in Slovenia a month ago. No issues. Did not notify bank (Charles Schwab) since it's meant to be used internationally.

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I planning on doing something similar (i.e. pick up car at VCE Marco Polo airport and then head to Slovenia). I thought, however, that when you rent your car, you are to let the rental agency know you are traveling in Slovenia (for example) and they will roll the cost of the vignette into rental. Not sure what they'll give you though (e.g., something you put on your windshield or just documentation). If this is not true, please let me know as i am unsure myself. Thanks,