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Slovenia a high risk threat for using my ATM/credit cards?

I had put in a travel notice for my upcoming trip to Slovenia and was told by my bank that I may have issues pulling out money and/or charging items to my card. Apparently, it's considered high risk. Mind you this is my back up card. Does anyone know why this is (I forgot to ask the person over the phone)? I'll only be in Slovenia for a couple of days. Should I just pull out wads of cash before I get there?

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Most banks consider every country outside the US a high-risk for fraud:) Don't worry about it, it's probably just a scripted thing the agent is forced to say to everyone. Use your credit card as you would anywhere're not financially responsible for fraudulent activity should it occur.

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Your bank is either run by idiots or they're just overly cautious (could be both). If you want to have zero risk, stay at home in your bed with the doors locked and the lights off. Slovenia is a nice, well developed country that feels like any other prosperous European country. Go enjoy your trip and cross this nonsense off your list of things to worry about.

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I was in Slovenia in June and July of this year and had no problems using my credit union's debit card tied to my checking account to get money out of numerous ATMs. I did not use a credit card when I was there as I almost always pay cash when traveling in Europe each summer. Happy travels.

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We have visited Slovenia 3 times in the last 5 years. Have rented a car and covered most of the country. We have never had a problem using a credit card or ATM card anywhere in Slovenia.

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Hi from Wisconsin, Slovenia is a modern state. You are probably safer there than in our gun-packing USA. Your credit/ATM card is probably as safe as in USA. Just don't leave it behind in the giddiness of withdrawal. I have seen that done.
And don't be stupid with crowds around the ATM. wayne iNWI

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I got the same line about Slovakia. Banks are funny - it may be that they wigged out when I told them I was visiting seven countries so they just picked one to pick on. That said, I did have some challenges in Slovenia getting out money, but it was because the ATMs in Bled were out of cash or had cash in denominations that I wasn't asking to take out. Keep trying different amounts before you give up. Also, be mindful of your daily ATM cash limit and what that amount is in euro. You're correct to take more than one card just in case.

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Thank you for all your responses. I forgot to add one thing to my note. I will also be in Italy, Croatia, and Montenegro. I just found it strange that Slovenia was the target. Rest assured, I spoke to the bank of my primary card and the alert doesn't exist for that card.