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So we're looking at expanding our vacation (next year) to include Slovakia. Any recommendations on a good locale to stay overnight in the Tatras mountain region?

Do you think we would have a good chance of seeing snow in April? Just curious.

Thanks again.

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Slovakia is beautiful and less expensive than Western E. or the Czech R. Last year we stayed at a newer hotel in Stare Lesna in the Tatra area. Two dining suggestions: Near the Hotel Grand Praha(very posh and expensive) we dined at a Koliba(smoked meats, gypsy music and atmosphere. Our favorite restaurant was the Stare Mama near the many hotels but slightly off the main drag below the Hotel G.P. The best Slovak food I have ever had and very reasonable. Have the halushke(small dumplings with sheep cheese, onions and butter). For dessert have palachinke(crepes). Both traditional dishes. Add an order of breaded veal and you have dinner for two. NOT touristy. Enjoy.

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p.s. the hotel in Stare Lesna is called the Hotel Forton.

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This isn't Slovakia, but we stayed a stone's throw away in Zakopane, Poland in March 2006. We took a lift to the top of the mountains. It was gorgeous and there was lots of snow.

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Strbske Pleso, Stary Smokovec, Tatranska Lomnica. If it's normal winter there will be plenty of snow in April.

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Yes, I can recommend Tatranska Lomnica. It's such a cute little town with nice public transportation and everything within walking distance. My family stayed at Hotel Uran.
It's not fancy but quite fine.

You might need more than one night in Slovakia, however. It takes a bit of time to get to the Tatras, depending where you are traveling from. And you should visit some of the historic towns close by like Poprad or Bardejov.

Margarete Hurn
The Foreigner's Guide to Living in Slovakia