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I'm about to use to purchase some european tickets. Is it safe? Is there any tricks to using it? It looks like you find the ticket you want and then it redirects you to another site, sometimes onetravel or an airline company like easyjet or lufthansa. Also, it appears its cheaper to use it than using some of the airline websites-is that true? (i plugged the same flight into one of the airlines and it came out higher). Thanks for your help. Erich

Posted by gone
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hi, i use it all the time. yes it can redirect you too. you can use it for what it is a search engine. then once you find the flight you want to to the airlines and see if the prices/flights are the same. there is also for flights. I just started using it cuz it has "mulit-city" features whereas skyscanner doesnt. at least i dont see that feature on skyscanner. what ive learned is to use all of the tools out there. as you found out, trying to buy the ticket via direct can be higher. It up to you how you want to do it. but as i mentioned i havent had any issues. one comment. read the fine print on if the flighs are non refundable or not. happy trails.

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Yes, Skyscanner is legit. It's possible that what you might be seeing with the difference in pricing is that the prices Skyscanner quotes have "expired." I've run into that before. You run a scan, get a price, and then go to purchase and when it tries to verify the price it quoted, you can't get it. But I've also had it where the price is cheaper through Skyscanner and it just works out fine.

Posted by Erich
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Thanks for both of your responses. So, when it redirects me to OneTravel to purchase the ticket, i'm assuming that site is fine too? and purchase my ticket on that site?

Posted by gone
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hi again, yes it will redirect you. i believe you may have a choice too. If you dont like one, choose the other. if you dont like both, find another web crawler. by the way (btw) i believe will take their piece of the pie also. read the fine print! happy trails.

Posted by Diane
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Be sure that you are aware of all the charges before you actually pay. I have recently used Skyscanner to find the fares, then booked direct with Air Dolomiti, Lufthansa and British Airways - for short hops for our December trip. For one of these tickets, Onetravel would have charged a fee for me to pay with a credit card, which Lufthansa didn't (on the same fare). The advantages that I have found with booking direct with these airlines: - the fares are transparent; - I'm sure to be able to check a bag;
- and if I have a glitch/issue arise (i.e. a schedule change), I can work it out directly with them.