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my parents and me plan on traveling to Greece, we are planning on going to the island of Sifnos, also Nafplio, and Athens. are there any suggestions of the order in which to see these? also is there a way to get from Sifnos to Nafplio besides going back to the port by athens? also any suggestions for a good hotel(resonably priced) at any of these locations with character. any help would be appreciated. thanks!

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Sifnos is a beautiful island. Unless you definitely want to be on the coast I'd stay in Apollonia which is central, has good views, and means you can get buses to various parts of the island. We stayed with friends so I've no direct experience of hotels, but walking past this looked nice:

Nafplio is also great, in fact I'm off there for a few days next week. I'm staying here

It's fairly new and I've not tried it before, but I wanted to be out of the centre. Assuming you want to be more central have a look at these

We've stayed in both at various times, and both are nice. There are a few more options here

but I've no personal experience of the others.

I think you are going to need to go back to Athens inbetween.


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Meredith, you do not say what time of year. Makes a BIG difference in ferry times. How many days do you have, not counting flight days. What is arrival date/time? Departure ditto?

From Sifnos to Nafplio you must go back to Piraeus. From there you have 3 choices:

(1) rent car & go directly onto expressway that links to Expressway to Peloponnese 2.5 hrs.
(2) taxi to Bus Terminal E, intercity bus (11€) to Nafplio hourly on half-hour, takes 2.5 hours.
(2)Board another ferry to Port Heli (by Spetses) tip of "thumb" of Pelop "hand"). There u must rent a car to get to Nafplio. Actually takes as long/longer than #1 and #2 & u must go back same way to return car.

PM if u want more details

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yes sorry about not mentioning the time. we will be there the beginning of august, so peack time. we will fly into athens on the 7th of august i think and then go straight to sifinos for 3-4 days and then to nafplio for 3 days 2 nights, then just hit athens the day or two before we fly home. thanks for all the help so far.

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Meredith, you will LOVE sifnos-- but since it will be August, it is imperative that you book lodgings as soon as possible.. Sifnos is not like the more touristic islands -- it does not have as much accommodation. You MUST get rooms soon, or you will find yourself sitting on your suitcase on the street.

The beaches will be lovely, and in August the busses will be very frequent -- unlike the times I have been there (late May, early june). Once had to wait 2.5 hours because the bus driver pulled over & took his siesta down the road. Sigh. It's greece.

Booking soon for Nafplio is also imperative. I love Hotel Leto -- they only have 14 rooms, and 1 single, so if you want something like ths, you must contact them immediately. It is VERY reasonable (62 off-season, probably 80 on-season) so may be impossible to book. A bigger hotel on that side of town, down on the level part is Hotel Victoria. There is also Pension Acronapflia; they may have a 2-room suite for you. good luck!