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shorts for men in Greece

We're getting ready to head to Greece for two weeks and just wondering if it's common to see men wearing shorts (tourists) around Athens or other places....I see the temps are around 90 degrees and just wonder if shorts are ok, or should I stick to jeans or other long pants? Thanks!

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In the tourist areas and especially on the islands, anything goes. I would take a pair of lightweight pants, probably more fitting for dinner, and if you are visiting the monasteries at Meteora or other church sites, then you will need them.

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Yes, it is common to see tourists wearing shorts. If you want to fit in and not look like a tourist, don't wear shorts.

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If you want to be comfortable, wear shorts.

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We have been in Rhodes and some little nearby islands for the past 2 weeks, and everyone is wearing shorts in the daytime. At dinner we see a few men wearing long pants, but even then it's mostly shorts. It has been very hot. Wear whatever you would wear at home on a humid, 95 degree day. Don't worry so much about what people will think as about what will keep you comfortable.