Shorts acceptable in Greece, Turkey and Croatia?

We're leaving on a cruise in a few days that stops in various Greek islands, Kusadasi/Ephesus, Athens, as well as Dubrovnik. Are shorts acceptable attire in those cities/countries? I know in much of Europe, shorts on men is beachwear and in Italy in churches they're a definite no-no, but what about this region?

Posted by Lee
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As long as you're comfortable in them shorts are fine, except in a church or mosque.

Posted by Marcus
Kansas City, United States
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Lee, you said the magic word: church. Are churches in that part of the world as strict as in Italy? Not planning on going into any mosques in Turkey but we will be in a few Eastern Orthodox churches in Greece.

Posted by Lee
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I think the Mosques are much more strict than the Greek Orthodox churches but I think the Greeks would see it as a sign of disrespect if you were wearing shorts as opposed to long pants.

Posted by Agnes
Alexandria, VA, USA
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"Not planning on going into any mosques in Turkey but we will be in a few Eastern Orthodox churches in Greece." Of course it's a personal decision, but I would recommend seeing the inside of a mosque. Turkey is fairly liberal in allowing non-Muslims to go inside, as opposed to Morrocco. So why not go? It's a good learning experience, and the ones in Istanbul were amazing architecturally (haven't been to Kusadasi). I think shorts and churches are a universal mismatch - doesn't matter what part of the world.

Posted by Lee
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I agree with Agnes. The mosques are very interesting structures and some are absolutely beautiful. If you're going to be in Istanbul you MUST go into the Blue Mosque.

Posted by Laura
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Adults shouldn't wear shorts in Istanbul. My opinion. Short skirt might be ok near Istiklal Cad and other parts of modern city. Definitely go into a few mosques. My favorite in Ist is Rustem Pa?a. It's small, nontouristy, and you can see all the beautiful tiles up close.

Posted by Mark
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The closer you get to the water the more acceptable short pants are. In a city like Athens you will stand out as a tourist but since you are a tourist who cares? Out in the countryside wearing short pants really makes you look out of place and I stick to the long golf-type (very light weight) pants for hotter climates. Big cities with popular tourist areas are used to seeing Americans running around in short pants so you are not going to offend anyone; just stay clear of religious sites with your short pants.