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Santorini Greece question

The mother in law has offered to take the whole family, 9 of us, on a trip this summer. The best place we've come up with is a really cool villa in Oia on Santorini. Our concern is that she is fairly old, and though not in a wheelchair by any means, she is a very slow walker and not comfortable walking on inclines, steps without hand rails, etc. She might be OK just hanging out in the villa I guess, but that doesn't seem quite right. But the whole island, and Oia in particular seems REALLY hilly.

There are a million alternatives of course, but wondering if anybody has any thoughts.



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yes Oia is pretty hilly and she won't be able to fully enjoy it if just stay in the villa. however, if she's ok with it, and the villa has a good view, swimming pool, and she can still walk the main street a few blocks relatively flat, it would still be a good trip. a lot of visitors wonder the small lanes to find the perfect spot to see the sunset, which requires relatively strong legs.

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Staying in the best part of any village on the cliffs overlooking the caldera is most likely going to require some step climbing, although reaching some hotels is more challenging that some of the others.

If you already have a particular villa in mind can you tell me which one it is so I can check on the location? I know Oia very well after going there many, many times since 1985.

If you don't have one picked out there are some hotels there that require just a minimum of step climbing. If you tell me your overall combined daily budget in EURO I should be able to help you find something. Instead of a villa you can rent several rooms at or near a central location. Oia is definitely the most beautiful village and is probably the easiest one to walk in when compared to the others on the cliff, unless you wouldn't mind Imerovigli and have a car. If that's an option take a look at Caldera's Memories and Gizis Apartments. A car is necessary but you can drive right up to these hotels, which is a rarity.

Can she climb a "normal" flight of steps as we know them here in the States?

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A few questions about your trip......

Is your group only interested in travel to Greece, or have you considered other countries as well? How long are you planning to spend there?

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Santorini just won't do, especially since it is quite unsuitable for the generous benefactor.

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Joe, why fixated on Santorini?? Is that because your mother-in-law asked for it?? Or because googling "Villa for 9" produced only that Isle? Otherwise, there are MANY other islands where she could be comfortable right on the beach, with level pathways to/from nearby cafes, shops etc, and all of you could enjoy many activities. And on 3 of those good "family" islands (Naxos, Paros, Antiparos) there are excursion boats enabling those interested to make an all-day visit to Santorini. If specifcally looking for a VILLA, it may be difficult to find one with a location that suits a family (i.e., near a beach, walkable to activities). That's because large villas came late to Greek isles; Greek tourism first started for a budget crowd, so beachfronts filled up with small pensions, family-run lodgings. By the time the more pricey crowd came looking for villas, seaside space was gone, so most large places are inland, requiring car transport for all. Also, 9 people using 1 kitchen, 1 LR, maybe 2 baths can be cram-jam, and Mom wants some privacy from kiddies at night. So I suggest looking at beach places in Naxos & Antiparos that have 1-br units w. kitchenettes & balconies on water ... u can have them side-by-side for togetherness when you want, for meals & socializing, and a bit of quiet for siestas or early bedtimes. If this is of interest, post a reply and I & others can supply a long list of useful places to check -- AND u will find probably that 3 such units would be less than an inland villa and the need to rent 2 cars!