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Santorini for our Honeymoon

Okay, so before you think we're totally nuts, I just want to put it out there that I know Santorini will be packed in the summer. However, my fiance and I are pretty set on going to Santorini for our honeymoon next late July / early August. We are getting married on July 24 (2010) and will be leaving on the 26th (although we have not booked any flights yet).
I have done some inital research into staying in Santorini (we'd LOVE to stay in Oia), but am wondering if this is the best option for non-millionares :)
We plan to take a 2 to 2 1/2 week honeymoon and are also thinking that flying into Istanbul (instead of Athens) will be cheaper.
So....kind of a loaded question, but if any of you have advise on what we should do (places wise, prices wise, travel wise..) I would really appriciate your thoughts.

I should also mention we're open to staying on two different islands during our trip as well.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and suggestions~

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There are lots of places in Oia that won't break the bank, even in July and August, but you need to state your maximum daily room budget if you want some recommendations and you need to book early to make sure you get what you've chosen.

I'm not sure if flying into Istanbul would be cheaper in the long run but it's a fantastic city to visit, especially the Sultanahmet area, the old city. Getting to Santorini from there will be a bit of a challenge and might cancel out any savings you would have made on airfare from SEA to IST.

Your 2nd island choice will also have a large influence on whether or not you should fly into ATH or IST. I suggest you buy a copy of "Greek Island Hopping 2009", by Thomas Cook Publishing, so you can choose your second island wisely, keeping the proximity to Santorini in mind.

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I was thinking of Paros or Mykonos but think that Paros would most likley be very busy at that peak time of year (and we're going to relax, not necessarily party).
Per night room budget would be around $150-200 USD if possible.

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Paros is a good choice. It will be busy then but it won't be anywhere near as busy as Mykonos, which is by far the busiest, most commercialized tourist party island destination in Greece. If you think you want something less touristy then from Santorini you can take a ferry to Paros and then take the local shuttle ferry from Paros to Antiparos. It's a quaint little island only about 30 minutes away from Paros with frequent ferry service every day. Combining Santorini with Folegandros would also be a good grouping. Get the guidebook and check them out. Just be aware that all the islands will be busy then.

$200 is approximately €140. Using that as a reference amount in Oia check Thea Studios, Delfini Hotel, Lauda Hotel, Old Oia Houses, Villa Kallisti, Lena's House, Casa Sofia, Fotinos Houses and House Nickoletta. You can read reviews on TripAdvisor.

Lauda is a good choice because it's centrally located and has a pool. There's no internet booking so you'll have to contact them by phone or fax regarding their rates.

There's also a new business in Oia now, the Lioyerma Cafe/Pool so you don't really need to find a hotel with one. There's no admission fee but they expect you to buy food and drink.

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Any good places you'd recommend staying in Antiparos? Possibly for less than the prices in Santorini?

I will get the Island hopping book for sure!! Thanks for all your advice

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Hi Tanya - Since I'm in the process of buying a home on Santorini I guess I'm a bit prejudiced towards the Island - A great choice for a marriage - you do have to make the arrangements before arriving.
As for the hotels in Oia - Go to Booking.Com - you'll find about 20 - almost all of them are Great.
The ferry and hydrofoil service from The Island allows you to visit other Islands and my guess is You guys will have a FABULOUS Timne!!!

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How much does a home in santorini cost? Yes oia is wonderful. I'm going in oct this year 8 more weeks! I can't wait for it to come :)