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Sandeman Free Prague Tour

I was looking into a free Prague walking tours, and came across Sandeman's Free Walking Tour. I noticed on their website that they meet on at the Old Town Square, but there's no mention of what days. Does anyone know? Also their website says one does not have to book in advance. In the event there is a long line, is there a possibility that one would not be able to join the group?

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We did one of these tours when we were in Prague last year. There are dozens of guides availablenot sure if ours was Sandeman, but I remember finding it on Trip Advisor afterwards. You just tip the guide at the end. We were generous, about $40 equivalent per person, as our guide was excellent and went all the way up to the castle. We saw two young girls leave the tour toward the end who didn't appear to give the guide anything, so we wanted to be sure to treat him well. Just walk around the square and listen to the guide's English and mannerisms. Maybe strike up a short conversation with the guide before joining the group. Find out what is covered. Our guide started with a brief overview in a shaded area behind the square. He was extremely knowledgeable! This tour was one of the highlights of our 3-day stay in Prague. Try to do it your first day so you get an overview of the city.

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i just came back from prague the other day...i did their evening beer tour which cost about $15.00 u.s., but not the free walking tour...i ran into a few that did and they enjoyed...from what i recall the free walking tours were every at 10:45am and one around meet on the corner by the czech tourism office which is right on the old town square... in terms of our case...they had more than one tour for english for spanish...and the groups split up to keep each group around 10...