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sailing the islands of Greece

This is my dream My wife and I hire a small sailboat (with a captain and maybe one crew) with at least two good friends sharing the expenses; private cabins. We visit the smaller islands, hidden coves, small villages; eat in restaurants where we can see the days' catch come in...maybe spend two weeks doing this. Has anyone here done anything like this? Any recommendations? It's my dream! Thanks, Tony

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I've sailed the islands, but never on a chartered boat. It doesn't suck. Two outfits I've chartered from elsewhere and been completely happy with are Moorings and Odyssey. Take a wad of money if you want a crewed charter (which I've never done). It takes a big boat to stash six people with privacy. Stocking of grub and drink is usually extra.

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That sounds like a great dream!!! Sorry I can't help bring it to fruition. Great dream though... Hope you work it out...

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We have just signed up for a 1-week sailing trip like you have described, with Custom Sailing. Another company I looked at was Anko Yachting. Good luck! We're certainly looking forward to our trip (June 2014).

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thanks for the replies... So glad to find someone actually doing this! Will check your leads... anyone else? T

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Anthony, ask this question to Trip Advisor. I did go on a 7 day cruise on Barbaros Cruises out of Bodrum this past July. It wasn't a private charter,although you can charter from Barbaros. I cruised to the Northern Dodecanese (Kos, Patmos, Lipsi, Kalimnos (sp) and one other). There was a crew of four and fourteen passengers. The Gulet (a type of Turkish sailboat) could hold 22. It was a lovely way to slow down after a wonderful, busy "Best of Turkey" tour. The first night and last night were spent in Bodrum. Each morning, before or after breakfast (at 8:30), we would motor either to a cosy inlet or to the next island. We could laze around the Gulet, swim to a rocky beach, take a nap or do whatever. Two sisters from Switzerland did small watercolors each day. All meal were included. We dined on Mediterranean cuisine: typical Turkish breakfasts of bread, cheese, fresh friut. Lunches and dinner included bread, a cooked vegetable, a protein (either fish, beef or chicken) and a salad. Some meals we had a wonderful rice pilaf or plain pasta. I don't eat flour and suger and did fine.
Happy cruising!