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Sailing the Greek Islands then what?

I am going on a Gap tour (sorry Rick!)- 8 days on a 50' sailboat from Athens to Mykonos. I will then have 5 days before I get have to be back at the airport in Athens. I've never been to Greece. I love ancient things and museums. Any advice for those extra days?

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I guess I should say that I'm going in September and by myself. Also, I am older (mature?), but really fit.

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Ron, thanks for the information. The boat will be stopping at various islands on the way to Mykonos. The schedule is flexible so I don't know just which ones. I think the stops depend on the group on the boat - there will be a maximum of 8 - and their interests. I am not a party person, so I will probably do a lot on my own, unless I get lucky and some of the others aren't party people either.

What you have suggested for Athens sounds just like what I want. And since I am vegan, I really appreciate the veggie restaurant recommendation.

Do you know about any places I could go a bit further afield from Athens for a couple of days? The travelling time is what I am least sure of. Thanks!

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HI Jo,
We took this trip a few years back and had a GREAT time - you could easily do these places in 2-3 days. We visited the Peleponesis. We took an hour bus ride to Corinth then rented a car. From there we visited Nafplion. A jewel of a town - a lot of Venetian influence with the immense Palamidi castle hanging over it. Spend an afternoon hiking up. It's well worth it. We also went to Mycanae - I'm sure you're familliar with the Agammemnon history that happened there. It was incredible to see. Also, take the mountainous drive to Epidravos theater which is about 40 minutes from Nafplion. These places are all within 1 1/2 hours from Corinth. We spent three nights in Nafplion but it could easily be done with 2 nights.

If you have extra time and get your fill of Athens, maybe take a quick trip up to Delphi? I'm not sure I would drive there though.

Or - heard that the tiny "carsless" island of Hyrda is well worth a day.

Have a great trip! :)

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I was on Mykonos in April 2003, it was quite overrun with kids on spring break? However, I took the day trip to Delos and spent the day there, it was wonderful and spectacular archeological site, covered in flowers. You could also make a jaunt to Naxos or Paros from Mykonos. Both were wonderful islands. We rented a car for one day and traveled the entire island. Also, took a bus into the interior of Paros and hiked the Byzantine Road for the entire day to a village by the sea (Marmara? I think it was called).