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RS Tour of Eastern Europe

Has anyone left Washington State and flown to Prague that would be willing to share their airline experiences? We will be going to Prague from Seattle for the RS tour and have found so many options for travel that it is overwhelming.

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I have gone the other direction, that is TO Prague by rail from Vienna, the discount airline SmartWings to Paris CDG airport and home to Seattle from there.

SmartWings ( was excellent, with good prices esp. on some days of the week. I had been considering rail to Paris, but 14 hours vs. 90 minutes clinched it. They also fly to Prague from Madrid, Barcelona and Rome, but not the UK. If you can work in a day or so in Paris you might find yourself less jet-lagged.

The airport is quite modern and plenty large, but easy to navigate. I would get cash at the ATM there and buy some transit tickets. Prague has an excellent and inexpensive, if somewhat old-fashioned, public transit system that got me to the airport (Metro, then bus) from my hotel in central Prague in less than an hour--for about a dollar.

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I always fly out of LAX (los angeles)... but you can easily fly direct to Frankfurt Munich or Zurich - then take the train of local commuters to Prague. Dep on how much time - and how many stops - the train may be nice!

If you want expert help - call a trusted local travel agent. Most probly wont chagre a fee (but some may) since they dont make a commission on airline tix. Rick has one listed on the site that ETTBD uses - that would be local for you.