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RS Greece 14 Day Tour-Hotels

Does anyone have info on the hotels and inns used on this tour? I couldn't find any specifics on the tour page, so I thought I would ask here first before calling the tour office. Thanks in advance.

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I don't, but be advised the office probably won't tell you all of your hotels until 30-45 days before your tour. Depending on your departure date, they may be able to tell you first/last hotels earlier. Also, not every tour stays in the same place and not every tour stays in a hotel listed in the guidebook - on my four prior tours, about 2/3 of the hotels were not listed in his book.

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CL, thanks for the reply-I had heard the same thing regarding the specific hotels, but I was hoping I could get others to chime in with the hotels used on past tours, which admittedly may not be those used on this year's tours. I wonder if they also change hotels from the beginning to the end of the tour season-if not, I could ask about the first tours of the year just to get a feel for the type of accommodations they will be using this year. If I do find out anything on this subject, I will be sure to post my findings here.

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If you know the hotel names you can go to and to read reviews.