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RS Eastern Europe after tour options


We are thinking of taking the RS Eastern Europe tour in May 2014. It ends in Lake Bled - what have previous tour members done after the tour? Suggestions? Also is late May weatherwise a good time to do this tour? Thanks.


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You aren't getting an answer so I will bump you back to the top with this.

Go to and you will get a good idea where you can fly from Ljubljana. Its not real up to date because it includes Malev which went out of business a few years ago, but it's a good start. Given the theme of the trip you might want to go to Dubrovnik or elsewhere in Croatia. On the other hand I would suspect its a short train ride to Venice.

The weather in May is pretty nice in the region. No one can guess but the range is sort of cool to a little too warm. You really cant do a whole lot better. I looked at your itinerary and was impressed; a well thought out trip. My only question would be why the long haul trip from Budapest to Croatia. I would have layed over a night in Pecs, but the time in Prague and Budapest is pretty decent and the other stops are very well thought out as well.

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If you go to that tours web page, look in the lower right hand corner and find Tour Weather (or something like that) and if you click on that it will give you the average weather for that tour for the year.

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Late May is usually good weather. It could be already hot, too. Options after the tour: it depends how much time you have. Ljubljana, Salzburg, Munich or Italy? Or something else? Take a map and look what you would be interested in based on your time after the tour. Then use so called open jaw and fly to Prague (I believe the tour starts there) and back from whatever city you decided to end your post tour trip.

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I did this tour in late May / early June 2012. The weather was pleasant mostly but there were a few days of rain in Budapest and a very breezy/cool time on the Croatian coastline - not exactly beach weather. Because I used a frequent flier ticket, I needed to fly home from Munich - so I took the train from Lake Bled to Salzburg, stayed 24 hours, then continued to Munich for an afternoon and an early morning flight home. Several other tourmates took the train to Vienna. I recommend that you go to Prague at least one full day early - they shaved a full tour day off prior itineraries and there is more to see/do than 2 nights allows.

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We did this tour in middle May, 2013. Went into Prague a day early which was good. When we left Bled we took the train to Munich for 3 nights and enjoyed it. Weather was cool in places and we got light rain off and on. We'd rather travel in cool weather than hot. All in all we enjoyed this tour a lot!, have fun!

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We did the tour in Sept. We, along with another couple, rented a car and drove to Austia, stopping in Halstatt (hotel), Salzburg (B&B), Reutte (hotel), Rothenburg (B&B), and finally Frankfurt Airport (hotel) where we dropped the car (Drop Charge was $500). Along the way, we saw Neuschwanstein Castle, Eagles Nest, Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg, etc., etc.

Good luck!

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Hi Mary,
We took this trip in early Sept 2013, it is fantastic. I hope you decide to take it. After the tour we wanted to visit Venice. You are only 4 hours away. We took the train from Lake Bled Lesce station to Villach, Austria. We booked it on Rail Europe ahead of time. From Villach, Austria we booked the Intercity Bus to Venice (beautiful, comfortable bus). We also booked this on Rail Europe. The bus and train station in Villach, Austria are together, so you don't have to worry about transferring. It is the easiest way to get to Venice. Some tour members were heading to Venice too and were taking another route (but had not booked anything) but our tour guide said our arrangements were the best. So they joined us.
You can guarantee that your tour guide will make sure that your exit from Lake Bled goes smoothly. But I would pre-arrange my transportation ahead of time.

We always travel to Europe in the fall, and have good weather, this trip had only 2 partial days of rain.
If you do go to Venice please email me, as there are more details to share.