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Romania and previous Hungarian village names

I'm planning a trip to Romania in '08 and want to visit some specific locations. I have the names of a couple of smaller towns in the previous Hungarian names and have been only able to successfully find the current Romanian name for one of them. Does anyone have any idea how I can find out the current name for a village so that I can make arrangements to visit the place? Unless I'm sure of exactly where I'm going, it will be a challenge to plan a visit there. My earlier success with another village was from cross referencing old Hungary maps to current Romania maps. However, this other town is much smaller and I've only found it on an old Hungarian map. It's not showing up on current Romania maps I'm finding online. I just need to find a source that can reliably confirm it's new name. Thanks!

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Try searching for that name on the Hungarian version of Wikipedia (, its articles list both the old and the current names of cities and villages in many counties in Transylvania.
Or post it here, maybe someone knows about it.

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That's strange that you can't find the current names.
the only people who use the Hungarian city names are hungarians ,and most of their writting are in hungarian language, so it would be hard for Romanians to figure them out.
Have you tried to do a seach for Transylvania travel?
I remember a while ago I was able to find a cool web site with a lot of info about fortresses in Transilvania and for sure it had the Romanian names on it.
BTW what's the name of Village you were looking for?

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The reason I couldn't find the current name is that the place is so small it was not showing up on a map to read the current Romanian name. I know the location of the site, but with no name appearing on a map, it didn't do much good.

However, since I last posted, I spent a great deal of time on line and found a website that had a 300+ page pdf file of town and village names. Each town was listed under it's current Romanian name, then it told it's old Hungarian name. The only reason I had enough info to look up one of the Romanian town names as a possiblity was dumb luck. I had found a city website for a town close by to where I was researching and within their site, I found a small village listed. Since it appeared to be the right vicinity, I decided to look up that name on the list and found it cross-referenced to the town I was looking for. So, I now have the current name. By the way, it was Chisau in Satu Mare. It's original name was Keszi.

Thanks for your posts!