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river cruise in Europe

We are looking for river cruise that will hit Budapest, Vienna and Prague. Has anyone had experience with river cruises in this area you can share?

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I have taken the Viking River cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest. I recommend that line.

We visited Vienna but not Prague. Take a look at their webpage to see if they offer that cruise.

If that fails, do a google search for 'European river cruises.' You will find scores of line offering river cruises.

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Grand Circle Tours has an "Old World Prague and The Blue Danube". I will be on the March 16th departure.


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So does river cruising appeal to a specific age group or is it fun for kids, too? One of the printed brochures I received pictured an elderly couple in their bed looking out their window at big cathedrals along the river during the daytime.

Personally I would rather be out in the city exploring than lying in bed watching it go by my window.

What do others have to say about this?

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Tim, We didn't have any kids on our river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest; so I doubt that they would care for it.

For your information, the boat took us from one town to another overnight. We didn't see much along the rivers. We (both past 80) spent our days touring the 16 towns we visited.

As for laying in bed and watching the world go by through our porthole--I wouldn't know because I didn't have a chance to do that. We were too busy seeing the points of interest.

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I have done Grand Circle cruises twice - Vienna to Amsterdam in summer 2007 with 80-yr-old mother and 16-yr-old daughter, and Budapest to Bucharest with extension to Prague this past Sept/Oct with Mom. I highly recommend them; we've found interesting passengers, good choice of sights, and excellent program directors. The Blue Danube trip sounds like a lot of fun. BTW you will be driving from Prague to the Danube - I don't think you can do it all by river.
In response to the age question that someone posted - in 2007 my daughter was the youngest aboard, which we expected ... but I, aged 52, was the next youngest! This past fall trip there was a young man in his 20s with his grandfather, but the rest of us were 50 and up. The cruises are less strenuous than the RS Germany-Austria-Switzerland trip that we did in 2006 but you are still doing 2-hour walking/standing tours when you arrive in a town or city.
You've picked 3 great cities; have a wonderful time!