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Riga to Gdansk?

I was wondering is there is train from Riga to Gdansk. I looked at the raileurope and eurail sites and it stated that they couldn't find a station in Riga. I know there is a station called Riga Cenrtal, but do they go to Gdansk? Should we fly instead? Thanks!

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Please also check out the bus schedule. In this part of the world, buses seem to be the way to go - at least until you get into Poland.

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We've been in Lithuania for a month each on 3 different occasions. First, the buses seemed to be a better option than the train. For bus schedules and routes see: Second, Kaliningrad, that island of Russia, appeared problematic (schedules, need for visa?) for getting to Gdansk. We did take a train from Vilnius to Warsaw, and trains from there south. So I'd suggest getting to Vilnius by bus and then looking at bus or train schedules to Gdansk. Good luck.

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Yes, I think you should fly instead...unless you like sitting on a train for over 9 hours