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Rick's Greece/Turkey Tours May/June 2008

I'm new to this, so please be patient with me...I've never been on Rick's tours and don't know if I can expect air conditioning at lodging in the event of a heat wave. Does anyone have comments on Rick's tours/lodging in May/June, Greece/Turkey regarding being uncomfortable with temperatures in the provided lodging? Thank you!

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I've not taken a RS tour, but I assume that you get a list of the supplied lodgings? Then you can just check the website for each hotel and see if they have AC. I know that the Obelisk, the hotel that the tour uses in Istanbul, does have in-room AC.

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We've been on two RS tours and the answer is "it depends." I suggest you call or email the Tour "Divas" at RS's Edmonds WA offices - they'll definitely have answers for you.

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Cool you mention the obelisk, I was looking into that hotel for a trip. You stay there? What'd you think of it?