Renting a car in Dubrovnik--Cost

I'm in the early stages of planning my trip in Croatia. I'm toying with the idea of renting a car for a day in Dubrovnik to visit the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro. How much would the cost of a rental car with automatic transmission (inducing gas, tolls, parking, etc)) be? I'm doing this trip solo, so the private driver idea mentioned in the RS guidebook is way out of my price range.

Posted by David
Seattle, WA, USA
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We did this last year, and it was great. The cost? Beats me, I can not recall - which means it was more or less what I'd expect to pay to rent a car in a foreign country for a day, not a lot more, not a lot less (probably somewhere between $60-$80 total). A drop in the bucket for any trip that includes Dubrovnik. The owner of our sobe arranged it for us. The hardest part will be that automatic transmission - you will save yourself a lot of trouble if you can deal with a manual transmission. The drive is easy, no hassles at the border, Kotor was great. Biggest challenge was finding parking in Kotor. Have fun.

Posted by Gabriel
Pico Rivera, CA
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Great info, thanks! Now, if I can only find someone that can teach me to drive stick :-/

Posted by Agnes
Alexandria, VA, USA
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Gabriel, if you don't have 6 months to learn to drive a manual, then an alternative might be to take a day tour from Dubrovnik. I did this with Viator tours (they're a consolidator site that partners with ocal tour groups) for approximately $70 (in 2011) and the tour was all day, covering Kotor, the mountains, Budva, etc. It's about the price of a car rental and you'll see just as much.

Posted by Gabriel
Pico Rivera, CA
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Funny thing is that a friend of mine was going to teach me to drive a manual transmission, but looks this option would be well worth it. I just looked it up and it's less than $70. Wow! Much appreciated info!

Posted by Dave
Covington, Kentucky, USA
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Hello all. I have a branch off question from the one above: I'm planning to fly into Zadar, make my way up to Plitvice, from there to Dubrovnik, and from there to Pristina, Kosovo. I would love to talk general travel in these areas with anyone who has wisdom to share, but my real question is whether it is possible to rent a car and drive (solo) from Dubrovnik to Pristina. It looks like a straight shot across Montenegro, but I'm wondering if there are any issues with rentals across these borders, roads, authorities,etc. (Manual transmission is of no concern...)