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Rental car in Krakow

I will be traveling to Krakow for only a few days in the spring. One day visiting Auschwitz, one day touring part of the city and flying out the next. Do I need to rent a car or just take cabs, ect to/from airport and to Auschwitz. Thanks

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Agree with Matthew-no car. 90% of what you want to see in Krakow is in old town area, highly walkable and much of it closed to auto traffic anyway. Tram system is good alternative to taxis in town. Taxi or bus from airport. Auschwitz by bus or taxi. I believe you have to see it by escorted tour, so easier if you book it as package.

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Totally agree. If you are in a hotel that is located near the city center, there is no need for a car. Once you are in the city center, everything you need to see can be done by foot. They also have a good tram system, so you can use that if you want to travel to something farther away or get tired of walking.

I would also suggest booking a tour package to Auschwitz. It is quite a distance to travel from Krakow, and while I'm sure you could do it on your own through a bus, it will be much easier with your limited time to take a tour.